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After several years working as a journalist and advertising copywriter, David completed a Bachelor of Education, majoring in drama, film and music. In his new role as Arts Educator, he taught in schools and tertiary institutions.

Then one day, he acquiesced to the call of the itinerant performing artist and literally ran off with the circus. He toured with Adelaide’s Magick Circus across Australia and then to Europe, honing skills in clown, mask, puppetry and magic.

On returning home, he established his own theatre company Fools Theatre and spent many years performing in arts festivals, schools, community celebrations and corporate events throughout Australia and overseas.

At the same time, David's fascination for sound led him to the world of audio production, where he developed skills in sound-design for radio and film.

From 2003 -2015, he lived in Berlin, Germany, continuing his work in the arts. And it was during this time he became inspired to write a novel on the restitution of stolen art.

He now lives in coastal Queensland, Australia, where he continues to write and develop new ideas in sound and theatre arts.
Since 2016 David has been a judge for the Noosa Intrernational Film Festival Short Film Awards.

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