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Suspense-Thriller novel... just released!
Introduction by:
Peter Mason
author, journalist, adventurer

Guest speaker:
Professor Alastair Blanshard
Paul Eliadis Chair 0f Classics
and Ancient History
University of Queensland

Music by:
Janet Brewer, piano
Robert Truman, cello
Hilary O'Neill, mezzo soprano

A free event - not to be missed
On a crusade to unravel his past, a street-wise magician is drawn into the murky underworld of Nazi stolen art and Cold War Berlin, where the more he discovers, the more people have to hide.

JOHN HUDSPITH, author, editor

"Sleight of hand is the key here as Erskine utilises brevity to perfection, directing the story via the tightest prose, allowing reader the rare experience of word closeness; of kicking back and living the tale without barely blinking. Add to that some wonderfully outrageous characters who help unravel the various mysteries and the result is truly magical storytelling."

GRAHAM ROSS, M Ed, History, Linguistics

"A cleverly constructed tale of belonging, uncommonly imagined, eloquently told. In this multi-layered story, Erskine explores the great conundrum of the restitution of stolen art, while at the same time considering the deeply personal need for provenance."

URSULA STERF, German Consulate, Brisbane

"Such a lovely writing style with irony and humour. A carefully woven storyline spanning different locations. Not only could I envisage Alex in Berlin, but also in the romantic Spreewald region. The characters in this book are so well imagined, and I found myself easily drawn into their lives and fate. Gripping reading – a thriller and a love story set against the personal, cultural and human losses of war."

SYBILLA HOFFMANN, An avid reader

"Narrative smooth as silk, skilfully melding pathos with humour, innocence with evil."